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Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions


“Convergence”, a group show curated by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes at the Golden Thread Gallery on 16 June - 05 August 2011.


‘This exhibition will show how reading and interpreting literature is – in diverse ways – at the core of some of the most renowned contemporary artists’ practices: Allotrope, antepress, Julie Bacon, Ecke Bonk, Pavel Büchler, Davide Cascio, Tacita Dean, Cerith Wyn Evans, Maria Fusco, Kenneth Goldsmith, Rodney Graham, Joanna Karolini, Sean Lynch, Simon Morris, Brian O’Doherty, Michalis Pichler,Tim Rollins, Andrea Theis, Nick Thurston and Eric Zboya.’


 It highlights that writers such as Joyce, Goethe, Beckett, Kafka, Sebald and Vonnegut have something to say to artists today – and that artists make a major contribution to how we can all think about literature and aspects of the canon today: as something relevant and liberating. Exhibiting literature has been the domain of literary museums and monuments. On an island from which most renowned writers have emigrated, alternative modes of marking their role have to be – and have been – found: by artists and through exhibitions. These are held in public spaces and in a variety of venues. This exhibition, in exploring the relationships between art, literature and exhibitions, provides an alternative “monument” to writers, their works, to well-read artists – and to innovative ways of bridging these realms through exhibition.




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17 August – 29 September 2011

Istabraq Hall, Merchants Quay and Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick


Limerick City Gallery of Art is pleased to present Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions, curated by Dr. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes.


The exhibition features work by twenty artists and artists groups: Allotrope, antepress, Julie Bacon, Ecke Bonk, Pavel Büchler, Davide Cascio, Tacita Dean, Cerith Wyn Evans, Maria Fusco, Kenneth Goldsmith, Rodney Graham, Joanna Karolini, Sean Lynch, Simon Morris, Brian O’Doherty, Michalis Pichler, Tim Rollins, Andrea Theis, Nick Thurston and Eric Zboya.


Convergence is presented in partnership with the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, where Convergence first opened in June. As part of LCGA’s off-site programme, the exhibition is presented in Limerick at two venues: Istabraq Hall, Merchant’s Quay and Ormston House, Patrick Street. Convergence is the inaugural exhibition at Ormston House, a new art venue in the city, supported by Creative Limerick.


As the curator has noted, Modernist visual artists were told to “avoid literature like the plague” (Clement Greenberg). Convergence makes clear however that today, reading and interpreting literature is, in diverse ways, core to the practice of so many contemporary visual artists, who make work that challenges or changes our understanding of both the literary text and the visual artwork. Literature has entered the contemporary art gallery, invigorating exhibitions, their content and the experience of the viewer.


The purpose of the exhibition is to investigate how art practice, literature and exhibition formats can relate to one another. Part of its premise is to demonstrate that writers continue to have something to say to artists today – and artists to writers and how we read. Not every reference that artists make to the literary ‘canon’ is praise: writers can be an intense, productive annoyance to artists. The foundation for their respective creative practices (writing/making), however, is the same: the capacity to think for oneself.


The diverse work featured in Convergence is accessible at many levels: from the enticing reading environment provided by Davide Cascio’s Polyhedra (a space for reading Ulysses), to the humour of the narrative related in Sean Lynch’s Dear JJ, I read with interest, which perfectly evokes the wit and irreverence of its source, Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman. Like the lady’s bicycle on top of Carrauntoohil, Convergence, in exploring the relationships between art, literature and exhibitions, provides an alternative ‘monument’ to writers and their work, to well read artists and to innovative ways of bridging these realms through exhibition.


Istabraq Hall, Limerick City Council, Merchants Quay, Limerick

E / T +353-(0)61-310633 / W


Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick

E / T +353-(0)86-4070295 / W,39414,en.html






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We are excited to announce four guest editions of Allotrope Editions are soon to be in production!



Guest edited by:


Sarah McAvera (UK) - Edition 04, 'Unsolicited Criticism'


Ulster Research Salon (Mirjami Schuppert & Dave Loder UK) - Edition 05, 'Identity'


Steve Mykietyn (US) - Edition 06, 'Shadow Spaces'


Emma Lucy O'Brien (IRE) - Edition 07, 'Untitled'



there will be a call for submissions very soon, any queries drop us an email -

Edition 05, 'Identity' now available to browse, download PDF & buy in print for £5 inc p/p!


edited by Ulster Research Salon (Mirjami Schuppert & Dave Loder)




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Issue 04 'Shadow Spaces' arriving soon from Brooklyn &


Issue 06 'Unsolicited Criticism' in editing process !

NOV '12

MAY '12

JUNE '12

JULY '11

SEPT '12

Edition 06, 'Shadow Spaces' now available to browse, download PDF & buy in print for £5 inc p/p!


edited by Steve Mykietyn, Brooklyn, New York, Summer 2012




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NOV '12

Talk at Golden Thread Gallery in partnership with Belfast Exposed


08 November 1-2pm


Title:  'Try to be honest and see where it gets you'


'Publication should be cheap, non-exclusive and easy to do' Matthew Stadler, What is Publication?


Allotropes by definition are different structural combinations of the same element. Allotrope Press is an independent publishing organ that aims to make a printed and online space out of critical, political and artistic debate. Chinese whispers are often our most useful strategy in advancing ideas between subjects and printed objects. We are interested in various guises of truth. Allotrope Press functions outside of any funding body. Given this autonomy the limits are at once very limitless and very limited. We aim to see what is possible by inviting printed collaborations with others as well as producing our own.



JAN '13




PABD 2013


Saturday 2 March 2013


Publish And Be Damned Fair 2013

11am - 7pm

Join us for the usual mayhem and over 50 PABD Members including, The Block, OEI magazine / OEI Editor, Happy Sick Idle, Copy, Picpus, Limner Journal and Studio Operative, FUN Magazine / Ditto Press, Duke Press, The Grantchester Free Press, Mark Pawson, Wysing Arts Centre, Café Royal Books, X marks the Bökship, Daniel James Wilkinson, The Coelacanth Press, P.A.S.T. Projects, covered in toner, Nieves, P.E.A.R., Fillip, New Documents, Allotrope Press, MUTE, AND, Schizm, Art Licks, ESP/Eastside Projects, Michalis Pichler, Hard Mag, Onomatopee, The Everyday Press, T-R-E-M-O-R-S,  Clod Magazine, Infinite Greyscale, [RHP] CDRs, Decadence Comics, Garageland/ Arty, Occasional Papers, Performance as Publishing, AMBruno, Sara MacKillop, LemonMelon, David Osbaldeston, The London Bookshop Map, Banner Repeater, SALT., fourteen-nineteen,  Arcadia Missa, oomk zine, I am Dora. I am Dora, The Gym and The Alarmist.


Allotrope Press @ the ICA, London


MAY '13

AP has been so busy we've forgot to update our news!


New editions include 07 'Out of the Woods and 08 'Figures in Spaces'


check them out on the editions page  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^




In other news Keef Winter's book 'I can be yours' has just arrived back from the printers and it looks real swanky, launch to be announced




AUG '13

Keef Winter's book 'I can be yours' has been launched at X Marks the Bökship on the 29th July. At this there were readings from the publication by Douglas Park, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Hannah Newell and a live action responding to Winter's work by Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden.


Allotrope Edition 09 'Waste Moulds has been printed and launched at the show of new work by Stephen Morgan in Roktic East on Brick Lane, where Douglas Park and Katrina Hiesterman texts were read from the publication.


Allotrope Edition 10 'My Pornographic Heart' has been designed and ordered, but it was rejected from our usual printers! So it exists in online form only for now (see

SEPT '14

Allotrope Edition 11


A Trolley of Folly




A Trolley of folly is an exhibition held at Bruno Glint Gallery in October 2013 specifically for Art Licks Weekend. It aims to fuse three artist’s work in the combination of material, sound and action into something that exceeds the sum of its parts. It is installed in a large industrial space situated in the Tram Depot in Clapton, a place where labour and toil have been prominent and where inevitably soon the embodied energy of this place will be demolished to make way for expensive apartments.


The artists exhibiting fall loosely into the categories of Sculptor (glorified technician), Performer (self-doubting popstar) and Dramaturg (fretful fire-starter) respectively. Documentation of the work from the show can be found at This edition of Allotrope also includes two guest texts, an essay on the follies of truth by Drs. Kevin Zdaniecki and a short story from Alan Fielden.


limited to 100 copies

ISSN 2046 - 2859

edited by Keef Winter

All images courtesy of the artists



ap11 cover

NOV '13

Leila Periera has joined Allotrope Press!


While in London for the next four months Leila will be creating limited edition Allotropes in the vein of her previous publishing experience regarding everyday vernacular.


The first project is with a young Japanese artist, Yuki Nishimura, who is in his BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths. Leila and Yuki will be working together to create a bookwork that attempts to distill his desire to become a piece of furniture. The challenge is to trap the audience in between the pages,


Secondly, Leila will be visually documenting the 491 Gallery spaces based in Leytonstone. The eccentric spaces that have organically formed from over a decade within this off-the-grid community will become a catalogue of imagery and intimacy relating to space.


Click on the right to browse online versions of her previous work >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

JAN '15

Leila Periera has edited Allotrope Press issue thirteen ' LOUGHTON TO LAMBOURNE END'


Invited texts from Bernard Walsh and Keef Winter also accompany the visual documentation. It was launched at X Marks the Bokship at Matts Gallery on the 5th December 2014. The PDF version is viewable on ISSUU (link to right). Allotrope Press edition thirteen is based around this work of Yuki Nishimura carried out at Kings Oak Hoyel, deep in Epping Forest. Simply, Nishimura’s objective is to navigate the length of a large outdoor swimming pool while talking to a sunken piece of concrete and aluminium.




During her residency in London Leila visually documented the 491 and VERTIGO squat spaces based in Leytonstone. This building has been a bastion for free thinking individuals living semi-off the grid in the heart of an old leftist community in East London. These images will be placed on our website asap.

NOV '15

Allotrope Press is excited to announce issues 14 and 15


14 - 'Hand Hammered' will be a fold-up A2 broadsheet similar in style to our first three editions. This will have texts by Mexico City - based curator Violeta Horcasitas & visual art by London-based artist Keef Winter on the event of his solo show at Galeria Breve, 28th January 2016


15 - 'How can you love me knowing I will never love you?' is a project by Johnston Sheard that will have a publication published by Allotrope Press to coincide with an exhibition in August 2016.

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