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Allotrope Press is excited to announce issues 14 and 15


14 - 'Hand Hammered' will be a fold-up A2 broadsheet similar in style to our first three editions. This will iclude a commissioned text from Violeta Solis Horcasitas & images by London-based artist Keef Winter on the event of his solo show at Galeria Breve, 28th January 2016.



15 - 'Hunting for God (conversations with Beth)' is a medical doctors tussle with questions of faith and spirituality expressed through anecdotes, experience, poetry and ideas. This book is launched on the 13th May in Newtownards.



16 - 'How can you love me knowing I will never love you?' is a visual art and music project combined by London-based artist Johnston Sheard. There will be a special limited edition publication to accompany the project published by Allotrope Press to coincide with Sheard's exhibition in August 2016.